Branded Audio Entertainment

Whether its viral videos, short films, or online network series, brand-produced content is everywhere. While the idea still seems fresh and new it's actually a return to the past, starting with radio shows as far back as the 1930’s. Who can forget "The Champion Spark Plug Hour!"  

Great storytelling is great storytelling with visual aids or not.  So as digital radio continues to grow (over 191 million listeners by 2019*), Bart+ is well versed in all forms of branded entertainment, producing emotionally engaging content for radio mini-episodes, digital audio content and podcasts.


Below are some examples of how we are able to tell entertaining stories that reinforce brand strategy.

* According to eMarketer, the U.S. audience for digital radio will top 191 million listeners by 2019

A recent study conducted by comScore found that 41% of Millennials aged 18-34 regularly listen to at least one Podcast. The unprecendented popularity of "Serial," a Podcast produced by NPR, is the perfect example of Millennials' love for listening to a good story, no visuals necessary.

Night Out

Marina in NYC - Dewars

"Night Out" is a weekly podcast. In each episode we vicariously spend an evening with a denizen of the nightlife at a local haunt and listen to the night’s antics unfold as a fly on the wall.  (Explicit language and mature situations.) To be enjoyed responsibly.

Honest Office

Stapler Showdown - ING

The Orange Mortgage from ING Direct proudly claims, "No points, No hidden fees, No secrets”  So, we came up with "Honest Office," a series of long-form radio ads that take place in a fictitious office where co-workers are completely straight forward, open, and honest with each other. Here's one from the series.  “No filters, No guilt, No shame.” 

Quality Time

Jake & Al - Bulb/Pants

"Quality Time" is a long-format radio ad series featuring  Jake and Al, two curious and funny guys who engage in entertaining commentary on the “quality” of things we use and notice in everyday life. (no matter how seemingly random.) Wendy’s mantra “Quality is our Recipe” ties in the brand.