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Ever wonder what your microwave would say if it could speak to you?  Unless you're heating up a Lightlife dish, probably best not to.

Cast, Voice Directed and Mixed by BART+ Nail / Providence, R.I.


Forever Alone

Shame Oven


The best On-Air/Online MTV Promos you never saw.​  Quiz Bowl Challenge. Students from an Oregon high school quiz show share an intellect largely informed by a music television network.

Written, Produced and Directed by BART+.

Cash Over



Booty Shake



Wendy's asked us to create some videos that convey their core equity message for international use.  The challenge was to make them work across multi-cultures for in-store monitors, scoreboards, kiosks, pre-rolls, etc.  Here are a few in English.

Written, Produced and Directed by BART + Ted McCagg + Nels Music.

"Baconless World" - Baconator

"Thinking Frosty" - Frosty

"Spice On" - Spicy Chicken Sandwich

You're a guy, you're over 30 and there's stuff you should know. Three from a series of helpful men’s lifestyle interstitials and pre-rolls produced for Esquire and the MOJO Television Network.

Written, Produced and Directed by BART + Tom Coleman + Brent Stoller.



Thank You Note

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